Introductory blog post

This blog is a place where I can discuss Aquatic Food Security issues. I have already written blogs for other people. My first blog was for Fishbox, a company I work with,  on what Aquatic food security is. My next blog was for the Global Food Security blog on a series of workshops we held, funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute. This blog was on the links between terrestrial and aquatic food production systems and the problems they share. We also produce a short video for these workshops which can be found at the following link

SUII video

My plan for this blog is to discuss the activities and ideas of the Centre for Aquatic Food Security at the University of Stirling.

I am also chair of the Institute of Aquaculture Athena SWAN committee and enjoy public engagement and am chair of the Stirling branch of Sciencegrrl so will also blog about them. As a start here is a short video of the audience response to the Science cabaret we ran earlier in the year.

You can also follow me on twitter @AFSRachel and my email is

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